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Policy briefs and papers

Legitimate and Fair Climate Change Adaptation

Here we publish policy briefs and policy papers generated by our research. Our research-based blog pieces might also be of interest to you.



Dellmuth, L.M., von Uexkull, N. (2021)“ Humanitarian needs crucial for UN disaster relief after climate disasters”, Mistra Geopolitics Comments & Insights. 

Kural, E., Dellmuth, L.M., Gustafsson, M.-T. (2021) “International organizations and adaptation governance: Lessons for policymaking”, Mistra Geopolitics Policy Brief, 30 April 2021.


Zhou, J., Dellmuth, L.M., Adams, K.M., Neset, T.-S., von Uexkull, N., "The geopolitics of food security: Barriers to the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger", SIPRI Insights on Peace & Security, 11 (2020).


Lisa Dellmuth, project leader

Maria-Therese Gustafsson 

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