E-mail: johanna.andersson-raeder@ekohist.su.se

Johanna Andersson Raeder is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Economic History and during 2016-2017 a visiting researcher at the Department of History at Georgetown University. Her research focuses on property transfers and women’s economic activities in medieval and early modern Sweden. Currently she is studying the economic practices regarding movable goods and how movables and landed properties were exchanged between spouses and other family members.

Johanna Andersson Raeder received her Ph. D. in economic history in 2011 for a monograph titled Better off as wife than as a widow. The economic meaning of marriage for noble women in late medieval Sweden (Hellre hustru än änka - Äktenskapets ekonomiska betydelse för frälsekvinnor i senmedeltidens Sverige) for which she was given the Economic History Association's award for best dissertation.