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Om avhandlingen

Titel: Gendering Nuclear Disarmament. Identity and Disarmament in Sweden during the Cold War

Baksidestext: How could any “real man” consider nuclear restraint and advocate disarmament if disarmament, following insights from previous feminist research, leads to emasculation? This dissertation uses Sweden as a case for deepening and further elaborating a more nuanced feminist understanding of the gendering of nuclear disarmament policy. As one of the countries that had the opportunity to acquire nuclear weapons – and considered doing so for some time – before deciding to become engaged with international disarmament aims instead, Sweden is an interesting case to study. By understanding disarmament policymaking as historically situated and marked by gendered, nationalized and sexualized power structures in specific contexts, the dissertation contributes new knowledge relevant not only to feminist International Relations (IR) studies, but also to research on nuclear history and IR more generally.

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