The research program Mistra Geopolitics is dealing with important and complex questions in the intersection of sustainability and security, such as: How can international organizations such as the United Nations Environment and the World Health Organization effectively govern climate risks for humans? How can the shift towards renewables be accelerated? These and similar questions show that developments can seem positive at first glance, but lead to concerns when more perspectives are added. Environmental change and lack of natural resources are interacting with new social, political and economic patterns. They signal growing uncertainties about future developments and reflect the possibility of broader geopolitical shifts that, in turn, could have far-reaching implications for the prospects of global governance toward sustainable development. These dynamic linkages between challenges and opportunities are the basis for the work within Mistra Geopolitics.

Work package leader for Stockholm University: Dr Lisa Dellmuth 
Funded by: Mistra
Funding period: 2017-2021
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