A research plan should be no longer than 2 500 words and contain a short account regarding the aim and problem area for the planned thesis, and positioning of the thesis within research already done in the field (references and literature should be included). The proposed research area for the thesis should be within the department’s research profile which can be found at www.ekohist.su.se.

It is an advantage if the applicant point out possible material for the proposed research and that she/he is familiar with the material and knows its availability.

Theories and methods that the applicant plan to use in the proposed thesis can be discussed in the plan.
Possible pilot-studies that have been undertaken should be attached to the application.
The outlook of the plan should be according to the following:

· Aim and questions
· Earlier research
· Theory, method and source material
· Possible pilot-studies and their result

Please observe that an earlier so called “preparatory research essay” on the Masters level cannot replace a research plan.
Note that all applications are uploaded via the ReachMee system operated by Stockholm University. Information regarding ReachMee is available under each call for applications.