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Wrenn Yennie Lindgren is a Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and a PhD student in International Relations at the Department of Economic history. She is also affiliated with the East Asia Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI). Wrenn’s doctoral research focuses on Japanese foreign policy repertoires, particularly vis-à-vis China.

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M.Phil, Asia and Middle East Studies, University of Oslo, 2014

M.A., International Policy Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies, 2010

B.A., International Studies (Asian Studies, Japanese) and French, Pepperdine University, 2007


Selected publications

Peer-reviewed publications

Yennie Lindgren, Wrenn and Petter Lindgren. 2016. Kampen om idémessige forklaringer på japansk sikkerhetspolitikk: Kina i Japans identitetskonstruksjon [The Struggle of Ideational Explanations of Japanese Security Policy: China in Japan’s Identity Construction], Internasjonal Politikk 16:3, 1-21.

Lindgren, Petter and Wrenn Yennie Lindgren. 2015. Studiet av Japans sikkerhetspolitikk: 3. generasjons forklaring på stabilitet og endring etter den kalde krigen [A study of Japanese Security Policy: the 3rd generation’s explanation of stability and change after the Cold War], Internasjonal Politikk 15:3, 432-440.

Solli, Per Erik, Elana Wilson Rowe and Wrenn Yennie Lindgren. 2013. Coming into the cold: Asia’s Arctic Interests, Polar Geography 36(4), 253-270.

Other publications

Yennie Lindgren, Wrenn. 2015. Energizing Russia’s Pivot: Japan-Russia energy relations, post-Fukushima and post-Ukraine, NUPI Policy Brief, 28 January.

Solli, Per Erik, Elana Wilson Rowe and Wrenn Yennie Lindgren. 2013. Coming into the Cold: Asia’s Arctic InterestsNUPI Policy Brief, 21 August.