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Dr. Per Hilding is senior lecturer and research scholar at the Department of Economic History, Stockholm University. He has a Ph.D from the same department (1992) where he for many years worked as Director of Studies for the advanced (master's) level. His research focuses on development theory, transfer of technology, family and household economy, trade and regional development. Lately he has been teaching mainly at the Section for International Relations, and the transdisciplinary master's program "Globalization, Environment and Social Change". Dr. Hilding has been a board member of SASNET (Swedish South Asian Studies Network), Nordic Centre in India, and the Forum for Asian Studies at Stockholm University. He has organized and participated in several conferences with a focus on both Europe and South Asia concerning technology issues, child labour and regional cooperation. He was also part of the Swedish delegation that prepared a Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Exchange and Cooperation between Stockholm University and Jawaharlal Nehru University signed in New Delhi on March 7th, 2009. 


Selected publications

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