Room: A935, A-building, 9th floor
Phone: 08-16 40 94

Dr. Markus Lundström’s research concerns the formative aspects of resistance and social movements. His published writings empirically explore the political aspects of contemporary urban riots in Husby, as well as historical changes in the ideological landscape of Swedish fascism and radical nationalism. Peer-reviewed publications also include a critical evaluation of academic examination practice, and empirical studies of socioeconomic aspects of Brazilian meat production. Lundström’s doctoral dissertation, on how Brazil’s Landless Movement (MST) intertwines the making of history with the making of resistance, will be published, by Springer International Publishing, in April 2017. 
At the department, Markus is teaching the Economic History course “Kamp, motstånd och ekonomisk omvandling”, as well as supervising Bachelor’s and Master’s students in both Economic History and International Relations. Markus is has an administrative function as miljöansvarig.

Selected publications (complete CV at ORCID or ResearcherID)

Lundström (2017, forthcoming). The Making of Resistance: Brazil's Landless Movement and Narrative Enactment. Cham: Springer International Publishing.
Lundström (2016). "Det demokratiska hotet." In Bortom kravallerna: Konflikt, tillhörighet och representation i Husby, edited by Paulina de los Reyes and Magnus Hörnquist, 25-50. Stockholm: Stockholmia förlag.
Lundström & Lundström (2016). "Hundra år av radikal nationalism."  Arkiv. Tidskrift för samhällsanalys (5):39--66.
Lundström (2016). "Handledningens potential, examinationens låsningar: Om uppsatsmomentets konflikt mellan formativ och summativ bedömning."  Utbildning & Lärande 10 (1):88-93.
Lundström (2011). "Dynamics of the Livestock Revolution: Marginalization and Resistance in Southern Brazil."  Journal of Sustainable Agriculture 35 (2):208-232.