E-mail: jonatan.stiglund@ekohist.su.se

Jonatan Stiglund is a PhD candidate in international relations at the Department of Economic History and a member of the Stockholm University Graduate School of International Studies SIS). His academic interests revolve around how political cultures shape policy and on Nordic and US politics in general. Jonatan is a member of the Nordic Centre of Excellence for Security Technologies and Societal Valeus (NordSTEVA) project.

Jonatan received his master's degree in political science with a focus on crisis management and international cooperation from the Swedish Defence University in Stockholm in 2013. 

In his thesis project, Jonatan explores Nordic governments' perceptions of international threats and risks and how these have changed over time. The aim is to describe how different conceptions of threats and risks have come about and to provide increased understanding of the link between different notions of threats and risks and national security policy. This is relevant to investigate because ultimately a better understanding of national perceptions of international risks and threats constitutes one key factor in defining contemporary understandings of security and how to achieve it. 




Stockholm University Graduate School of International Studies SIS