Room: A 966, A-building, 9th floor
Phone: +468163199

Position and research profile
Fia Sundevall holds a research position at the Department of Economic History, Stockholm University. Her main research interests lie in the intersection of labour history, gender/sexuality history, and new military history. Other research interests include"free"/unfree labour, disenfranchisement, LGBT history, and museology.

Current research projects
Sundevall is currently involved in three projects, concerning 
LGBT employment discrimination in the Swedish Armed Forces since the mid 1900s
the disenfranchisement of recipients of poor relief in Sweden between the years of 1921–1945
city parks as gendered spaces (a sub study of the Stockholm City Museum's project "Gendered spaces: Multidimensonal walks in urban history")


Selected publications 
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Sundevall, F (forthcoming/2017). "Military education for non-military purposes: Economic and social governing projects targeting conscripts in 20th century Sweden", History of Education Review, Vol 42, no 2.

Sundevall, F (2016). "Tornsvalor och sothöns : försvarsfrivilliga beredskapsarbeterskor i andra världskrigets Sverige" [Female war workers in WWII Sweden], in Kronberg, K (ed.), Sömmerskor, tornsvalor och soldater - kvinnors försvarsarbetet i Sverige sedan första världskriget, Armémuseum.

Sundevall, F & Persson, A (2016). "LGBT in the military: policy development in Sweden 1944–2014”, Sexuality research and social policy. Vol 13, No 2.

Arnberg, K; Laskar, P & Sundevall, F (Eds.) (2015). Sexualpolitiska nyckeltexter [Key texts in Sexual Politics]. Leopard förlag.
Sundevall, F (2015). 空軍は淑女を歓迎する? -第二次世界大戦中および大戦後のスウェーデンにおける軍務の性別分業をめぐるせめぎあい- [Feminine Enough for the Air Force?: renegotiations of the Gendered Division of Military Labour in Sweden during and after the Second World War], 女性史学 : 年報 [JOSEISHIGAKU: the Annals of Women’s History], no. 25.

Sundevall, F & Fredholm, A (2013). "Minnesinsamling genom webbenkäter: perspektiv på en dokumentationsmetod i förändring" [Collecting Memories Through Web Surveys: Perspectives on Changing Modes of Documentation], Nordisk Museologi/Nordic Museology, No. 1.

de los Reyes, P; Eduards, M & Sundevall, F (Eds.) (2013). Internationella relationer: könskritiska perspektiv [International Relations: Critical Gender Perspectives]. Liber.

Arnberg, K; Sundevall, F & Tjeder, D (Eds.) (2012). Könspolitiska nyckeltexter. Vol. I + II [Key texts in Gender Politics, Vol. I + II]. Makadam förlag.

Sundevall, F (2011) Det sista manliga yrkesmonopolet. Genus och militärt arbete i Sverige 1865–1989 [The Last Occupational Monopoly of Men: Gender and Military Labour in Sweden 1865–1989]. Diss. Makadam.