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Akhil Malaki is Associate Professor & Director of International Relations Studies. He has an educational history in international relations: BA (Economics & Pol.Sc/IR), MA (IR), MPhil (IR), MA Soc.Sc. (IR & Development Studies), PhD (Economic History & IR). His research focus is in the field of microfinance and Caribbean political economy. He has almost two decades of teaching experience in the field of international and global political economy (IPE/GPE), and has been on several program committees at Stockholm University. Akhil is one of the founder members of the IR education at the Dept. of Economic History. He worked as a Senior Lecturer in IPE for two years (2012-2013) at the Dept. of Government, University of the West Indies, Jamaica. In addition to academic career, Akhil has also worked as consultant to the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of Trinidad & Tobago; the UN-ECLAC (Washington Office); and UTC/UNAIDS, Kingston, Jamaica.



Recent publications:

Articles & book chapters


MALAKI, Akhil & MINOTT, Garth. Defining Faith-based Organizations and a Partnership approach in Jamaica. Groundings. Ecumenical Encounters, Issue 31, 2014 January.

MALAKI, Akhil. A Partnership Approach to Caribbean Convergence. Caribbean Journal of International Relations & Diplomacy, September 2013, 1 (3), 83-94

MALAKI, Akhil and DOOKERAN, Winston. Caribbean Convergence: Integration without Borders. Winston Dookeran (Ed.), Crisis & Promise: Politics, Development and Convergence in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. , London: Aldgate. 2014, 280-314.

Independent Project


MALAKI, Akhil, 2015. The Implications and Impact of Global Financial Rulemaking on Caribbean Economies. Washington Office: UN ECLAC.

Policy paper

A New Frontier for Caribbean Convergence, 2013. Policy Document. Conference of Caribbean Foreign Ministers on “Caribbean Convergence”, Monos Island, Chaguaramas, Govt. of Trinidad and Tobago, May 14.