Dr. Jonathan M. Feldman, Department of Economic History and International Relations, Stockholm University and Sizwe Mkwanazi, Oxford University, will lead a webinar discussion on the theme, “Reclaiming Urban and Rural Power: Models for Wealth Accumulation in an Age of Austerity.”

There will be three featured speakers including: Councillor Matthew Brown, the head of the Preston City Council in the UNITED KINGDOM; Jenny Gkiougki, Director and Project Manager of Agroecolopolis in GREECE; and Sebonkile Thaba, Lecturer at the University of Johannesburg in SOUTH AFRICA.

The coronavirus crisis has aggravated an austerity politics rooted in the unequal distribution of economic and political power. Key challenges have emerged in how work is organized, who has access to wealth and the provision of basic goods and services. In this webinar we will explain three different kinds of models which relate to different ways of organizing work, production and consumption. These models each provide a foundation for community wealth building and extending the capacities of local communities. We will examine how these models can help us promote a more equitable distribution of economic power, a key question given contemporary challenges associated with mass unemployment, poverty, access to resources and urban unrest. A key sub-theme will be to look at alternative ways to approach the food and agricultural sector.