29 januari: Nevra Biltekin (Stockholms universitet), "Immigrant Diplomacy: Swedish Women in the United States and the Making of Nonstate Cultural Diplomacy", Rum D900 (Hist)


12 februari: Emma Rosengren (Stockholms universitet), ”Armed Neutrality in Dire Straits – Analyzing the 1981 Swedish Submarine Crisis through a theoretical lens of Gender and Nation”, Rum A900 (Ekhist-IR)


19 februari: Rasmus Sinding Søndergaard (Lunds universitet), ”Reagan, Congress, and Human Rights: Contesting Morality in US Foreign Policy”, Rum D900 (Hist)


18 mars: Steve Murdoch (University of St. Andrews), "International Relations in the Early Modern Period: Some Scottish-Scandinavian Case Studies", Rum D900 (Hist) – INSTÄLLT –


22 april: Elisabeth Röhrlich (Universität Wien), "New Histories of International Organizations: Bridging the International History-Global History Divide", Rum D900 (Hist) – INSTÄLLT –


20 maj: Sarah B. Snyder (American University, Washington DC), "From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy", Rum A900 (Ekhist-IR) – INSTÄLLT –


3 juni: Laurien Crump (Utrecht University), "The End Game: Pan-European Diplomacy and the Collapse of the Cold War", Rum A900 (Ekhist-IR) – INSTÄLLT –