How we work with harassments and equal treatment at the Department of Economic History

Due to the important discussions in many parts of society in connection with the #metoo movement, we want to inform you what you can do if you, or your colleagues, have been exposed to sexual harassment or other harassment. Stockholm University (and of course also Department of Economic History, EH) has zero tolerance with sexual harassment and other harassment.

Our Vice Chancellor Astrid Söderberg Widing recently commented #metoo movement on her blog: "Let me make it clear once and for all: at Stockholm University it must never be acceptable with any kind of sexual or other harassment, and bad cultures in this regard must never be accepted. We have a collective responsibility to ensure that this does not happen. Let's also work with this together." ( blog: translated from Swedish).

The Discrimination Act, relating to education, covers harassment based on ethnicity, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, religion or other beliefs, sexual orientation or age, also sexual harassment is covered by the law. In order for the law to be applicable and a duty to investigate, for the university, harassment should have taken place in connection with the studies. It is therefore important that every employee at the institution to report suspected harassment. These should report to me. The matter will then be investigated promptly.

Students can contact me or someone they trust for example a teacher or student administrator. You can also report in the system called SAMIR where you can be anonymous:


As a student, you can also contact the equality coordinator at the university.

Here is advice of what to do if you are approached by a student who has experienced sexual harassment (this advice is also good if you want to support other colleagues):ämlikhet-likabehandling/trakasserier/om-du-blir-kontaktad-angående-trakasserier-1.10358

If you are in a leadership position and an employee has experienced sexual harassment:ö-lika-villkor/lika-villkor/anvisningar-för-hantering-av-sexuella-trakasserier-mot-anställda-1.15416

We have a working group on environment and equal opportunities (Arbetsgruppen för likahandling och arbetsmiljö, ALM) at our department headed by Matilda Baraibar and Emma Rosengren.  The group is organizing meetings with students from all levels during the semester. The students are asked to bring up problems from students´ perspective regarding equal treatment and discrimination etc. Based on these discussions with the students, proposals for measurements are formulated which are discussed in the ALM (members are: Head of department, head of administration, director of studies, representatives for the ALM-group and environmental- and safety representative). Decision on equal treatment issues are made by the department board.  The responsibility that this work is continuing and functioning is mine as head of department.


ALM will soon make a survey among all staff members with the goal to investigate how the working environment is perceived at our department. A part of the survey will also deal with questions on sexual and other kind of harassment. We believe that such a survey can serve as good basis for further work on how to improve our work place to be a safer and more inclusive environment.

Thomas Jonter, Head of the Department