Professor Mark Rhinard et al. has just published a new article in which he and his colleagues identify a new generation of 'creeping crises' in different issue areas. Read the article in its entirety here:


More on Covid-19 by Mark Rhinard:

Blog: There’s no shortage of critique on what the European Union did wrong in #Covid19. But what's a fair set of criteria for judging the EU’s crisis performance?

Professor Mark Rhinard outlines some criteria in a recent blog post for the LSE’s Europa Blog.

Blog: Stockholm University is a central partner in the EU Horizon 2020 project BuildERS, examining social capital and vulnerability in Europe during disasters.

Professor Mark Rhinard blogs here on how that project must take into account new realities revealed by Covid-19. 

Podcast: What’s the EU’s role in managing the Covid-19 pandemic? Professor Mark Rhinard’s recent podcast on that question can be downloaded here, via the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.