As the capstone collaborative piece from the Militarization 2.0 project (Vetenskapsrådet 2013-2018), Susan T Jackson co-edited and contributed to a newly-published forum on how new information and communication technologies impact militarization processes. The essays in this forum consider the political significance of new technologies, new actors, and new practices that shape “Militarization 2.0” and normalize political violence in the digital age. The authors in this forum rely, to varying degrees, on common militarized tropes and dichotomies that are key to militarization, and include gender, race/ethnicity, and heteronormativity as key to these processes. Moving beyond a military-centered approach to militarization, the authors’ questions cover ministries of foreign affairs; the embodied performances of celebrity leaders and insurgency groups; arms producers, the military video game industry, and private military and security companies; and violence entrepreneurs.