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Stockholms fastighetspriser över 200 år

Det råder föga tvivel om att fastighetspriserna i Stockholm ökat kraftigt under 2000-talet, men hur ser utvecklingen ut över längre tidsperioder?


Is COVID-19 a one-off? Not likely.

Professor Mark Rhinard et al. has just published a new article in which he and his colleagues identify a new generation of 'creeping crises' in different issue areas. 

Jorge Rodriguez Morales

IR Ph.D. researcher contributes to IPCC Climate Change Report

Jorge Rodriguez Morales has recently contributed to the IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land.

The Political Economy of Agrarian Change in Latin America

The Political Economy of Agrarian Change in Latin America

The new book by Matilda Baraibar is an original contribution to the discussion about agro-food exporting governmental policy in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Fia Sundevall

Fia Sundevall, researcher at the department, is the co-author of a newly published article on gender and conscription in Sweden.

Mark and Louise

Mark Rhinard and Louise Bengtsson published in West European Politics

Mark Rhinard and Louise Bengtsson, both of the Department of Economic History and International Relations, have just published an article in the leading journal West European Politics about how health cooperation in Europe over the past two decades has become primarily characterized by a focus on “health security”.

Matilda Baraibar

(medförfattare) “Toward understanding the dynamics of land change in Latin America: potential utility of a resilience approach for building archetypes of land-systems change” Ecology and Society, 2019, 24 (1):17 

Markus Lundström

"The political economy of meat"  Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics