Research in this theme explores the dynamics and politics of security at the global level. We examine not only forces driving peace and conflict, but also the way in which international security itself is conceived of, shaped, and acted upon. We are particularly interested in moments of ‘crisis’, which serve as moments of cognitive, institutional, and political stress upon security regimes.

Researchers: Thomas Jonter, Mark Rhinard, Jonathan Feldman, Gonzalo Pozo Martin, Stefan Borg, Louise Bengtsson, Kajsa Hammargård, Jonatan Stiglund, Emma Rosengren, Nicholas Olczak, Stephanie Winkler, Akinbode Fasakin.

Ongoing Research Projects

 Building Societal Security in Europe
Here we examine the nature of modern threats and response capabilities of international institutions in Europe.

 Political Leadership in Transboundary Crises
An EU Horizon 2020 project studying the challenges facing the European Union, from pandemics to democratic backsliding, and assesses leadership capacities.

 Nordic Centre of Security Technologies and Societal Values
A Nordforsk-funded virtual centre of research collaboration examining the construction of security in the Nordic and European regions, along with the problematic role of technology used in the pursuit of security.

 Nuclear Proliferation International History Project A global research project based on a network of individuals and institutions engaged in the study of international nuclear history  coordinated by Woodrow Wilson Center of International Scholars, Washington, DC  with grants from Carnegie Corporation, New York.