Transboundary crises are at the core of the ʹnew normalʹ that characterises politics and policy‐making in Europe. Whether it is the financial crisis and the subsequent debates about the governance of the Eurozone, the Icelandic ash cloud, floods, oil spills, horse meat and other food scandals, let alone geopolitical tensions, this ‘new normal’ has highlighted interdependences among European states, where crises do not stop at national political boundaries.

TransCrisis was a three‐year international research collaboration on EU transboundary crisis‐management (Horizon 2020 Grant No. 649484) that aimed to: (a) advance our understanding of crisis management capacities across institutions within a multi‐level governance setting, (b) contribute to debates in the world of practice appropriate governance arrangements in the light of transboundary crises, especially in relation to EU institutions, and (c) promote public debate about transboundary crises, and what citizens might expect from crisis leadership in a multi‐level system.

Time period: (2014-2017)

SU project member: Mark Rhinard