Avslutade avhandlingsprojekt

Stephanie Winkler

Disputation Stephanie Winkler, International Relations

11th December 2020 Stephanie Winkler defended her dissertation "Conceptual Politics in Practice: How Soft Power Changed the World" at the department of Economic History and International Relations. 

emma avh2

Disputation - Emma Rosengren

25/9 2020 försvarade Emma Rosengren framgångsrikt sin avhandling "Gendering Nuclear Disarmament. Identity and Disarmament in Sweden during the Cold War"

Humanity washed ashore

Disputation - Daniel Silberstein

Fredagen 13/3 2020 försvarade Daniel Silberstein framgångsrikt sin avhandling "Humanity Washed Ashore: Visual representations of practices, people, and the borders of Europe".