15 juni 2022 försvarade Klas Eriksson framgångsrikt sin avhandling "How the City was Owned: Property Markets, Property Rights, and Entrepreneurship in Stockholm, Sweden 1726-2018" vid Institutionen för ekonomisk historia och internationella relationer.

Opponent: Erik Lakomaa (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm)

Betygskommitté: Marcus Box (Södertörns högskola), Kristina Lilja (Uppsala universitet ), Charlotta Stern (Stockholms universitet).

Huvudhandledare: Rodney Edvinsson (Stockholms universitet).

Andrehandledare:  Bo Framzén (Stockholms universitet).

Tredjehandledare: Christian Sandström (Jönköping International Business School)



Länk till avhandlingen

In this dissertation three central themes concerning the ownership and allocation in the city of Stockholm over long periods are examined.

The first theme property markets involves constructions of real estate price indexes spanning from 1726 to 2018. The second theme property rights concerns the regulation of private and public ownership of real estate from 1874 to 2010. The third theme entrepreneurship in urban environments is an examination of the efforts to influence property markets and property rights through entrepreneurship in difference sectors from the 1920s to the 2010s.

With an extensive amount of empirical material, this dissertation examines and relates the three themes to each other and shed new light on urban dynamics from an historical perspective. This dissertation is particularly important today when ownership and prices of real estate in cities are burning issues, and entrepreneurship is of central importance for development. The dissertation is a compilation thesis consisting of six articles.