3 juni 2022 försvarade Gustav Ingman framgångsrikt sin avhandling "Essays on Stockholm's real estate market 1730–2020" vid Institutionen för ekonomisk historia och internationella relationer.

Opponent: Anders Ögren (Uppsala universitet).

Betygskommitté: Jan Jörnmark (Luleå tekniska högskola), Anna Missiaia (Göteborgs universitet), Per Pettersson Lidbom (Stockholms universitet).

Huvudhandledare: Rodney Edvinsson (Stockholms universitet).

Andrehandledare: Lars Ahnland (Stockholms universitet).



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Ur abstract: In five articles, three overarching themes are addressed. Firstly, Stockholm’s real estate price development between 1730 and 1875 is reconstructed. The new indices are then linked to existing ones so that prices can be followed into the present. Perhaps the most striking finding is that the last decades of rapidly rising prices had a precursor in the late 1800s market. Secondly, the new indices are used to assess the historical existence of turbulence and bubbles. While several severe price declines are detected, not least in periods of price increases and world wars, the buildup to the financial crisis of 1990 stands out as unique with its explosive price surge. Thirdly, archival material with information about historical real estate transactions is used to examine the class and gender composition of real estate market participants from 1730 to 1875. While the class composition remained stable, women’s participation was transformed as more unmarried women started to invest in housing towards the end of the investigated period. It highlights a tension between formal regulations and the praxis of women living in an increasingly commercialized city.