The Graduate School offers a common course package that consists of a required course as well as elective courses (these courses are offered alongside individual departments’ existing curriculum). The required course, “Introduction to International Studies,” is offered at the start of most academic years. To successfully complete a PhD under the auspices of the Graduate School, each participating student must complete a required course (7.5 credits) and at least one elective course (7.5 credits), as well as participate actively in Graduate School activities.

Required course
Introduction to International Studies

Elective courses

Key Concepts in International Studies
Law and legal research beyond the nation state
Global and Regional Governance
Global Media Studies
Global Urbanism
International Law - between the legalization of politics and the politicization of law
Critical Security Studies
Source Criticism in International Studies
Transnational Actors and Global democracy
Law and Legal Research beyond the Nation State
World Orders